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Mrs Rajita Kapoor was around forty at that timewhen I first met her. She was good-looking, fair, slim and well...... naughty. A look at her suggested that she was fun-loving and out-going. A second look at her would suggest she was perhaps not that alluring and worth further conversation. But she was of a powerful character and no matter what you thought about her, she was the one who would be calling the shots. I was one of her targets who got away lightly.

In the winter of 2006, I was sitting around the Administration department of a Music recording Company. The Company recorded music at our studio as well as at various sites and and theatres. My job was to assess the clients and artists and set them up with our expert music makers, lyricists, Directors and Producers. Thereafter, I had to arrange various facilities till the actual recordings took place. Beyond this the issue washandled by Editors and Marketin personnel. I was waiting for the clock to strike six and then I too would spill out of office like the other dozen or so of us into the foyer to sign out for the day. Most of the recordings and public movements took place in the morning hours and there would be practically no visitors after four O'Clock.

But this day was not like that. The reception rang my desk and said one Ranjeeta was looking for the Boss. My first reaction was too shrug it off, we all knew Boss kept no appointments after Three P.M. as he would then head to for the Golf course. I stupidly agreed to see her. Soon a wiff of strong scent entered my cabin, followed by the lady who was wearing it. I looked up from random papers on my desk and saw her sinking into the visitors chair opposite me. She was wearing Bombay pants with a red halter and had her sun glasses stuck over her forehead and into her brown hair. I looked at her with a queer look in my eyes and practised happy smile. She began abruptly, 'so you are going to tell me where is the Boss'. I told her that was not my intention, but if she told me about the matter I could fix a meet for her. A look descended on her face as if to say, 'Oh! Crap'. But she said it would be nice. I reached for my pad and pencil to make things look proffessional and she gave me her name, Rajita Kapoor and said she is herself a Music Writer and was looking to partner our company. That made her a big shot- almost the size of my own boss.

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