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In a beautiful forest there was a pond. Around the pond there were several small trees and plants. Many birds and animals lived in these trees and many more lived under the trees. Some families of frogs had made the pond their home. Mendu was a baby frog and he lived in the pond with his mother and many brothers and sisters.

Mendu was a happy frog. He was a good baby frog and always listened to his mother. Today was a rainy day and he was sitting on a huge lotus leaf. All day long rain drops fell into his small pond and now the pond resembled a small lake.

Mendu was really glad to watch so much water and the gentle sound of rain drops falling on the water of the pond. He had never seen so much water before. He liked rain drops falling on his body and keeping him nice and wet. He was so happy that he began to sing. Other baby frogs heard his happy singing and began to join him in the song. Soon the pond was full of baby frogs singing the same song. These were his sisters and brothers and friends. As rain grew heavier, the song became louder and louder. Some birds and animals also heard their singing and began to sing along with the frog’s chorus. The area of the lake was filled with pleasant singing.

Mother frog was watching her children sing and she too joined in the singing. But she knew that soon all the merry-making will make her children tired. The frogs sang together till it became dark and they could not see. They knew it was now time to go back home to their mother. As Mendu slid down the lotus leaf he realized that he was very hungry and he completely stopped to sing. Once inside the water he began to enjoy his swim and for some time quite forgot he was hungry. He began to swim in circles and was soon joined by his sisters and brothers. They forgot that they had to go home when it became dark and that mother would be worried if they were late.

Then as he was speeding past his youngest sister he saw uncle Toad. Uncle Toad was a nice person and he thought the baby frogs were enjoying so much that they did not realize it was dinner time. He let out a loud croak and the baby frogs became scared of his loud sound. Then Uncle Toad told the children to go home. They all understood his words and quietly started towards their home.

When they reached home they were glad that mother Frog had laid down a huge dinner for them. All sisters and brothers ate their meals and sat around their mother so that she could tell them a story before they went off to sleep. Mother Frog told them a nice story and kissed each of them Good-night.

Outside the rain was still falling and its pitter patter soon lulled them into deep sleep.

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