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This is the story of the Small Red-Brown fox. He was a very small fox and had no brothers or sisters. So he did not have anyone to play with at home. It was summer season and his Mom would not let him go out in the day time. The sun out side was very hot for him. He could play with his friends only in the park where his mother took him every evening when the sun went down. He enjoyed this.

During the day time the small Red Brown fox got terribly bored. One day when mother fox was having a nap after the meals, the Red Brown fox quietly went out. He saw some butterflies in the rose patch in the garden just outside his house. They were very pretty and frolicked in the bright sun. Light from the sun fell on their colourful wings and reflected. Small Red Brown fox was charmed. He began to chase the butterflies, but they would dodge him and flew through shrubs and boughs. He would loose sight of one and catch sight of another butterfly. He chased them all and was having good fun. He did not mind this as all the other butterflies were also very beautiful.

Small Red Brown fox enjoyed this new game so much that he forgot his mother would not like him to play in the sun. He loved this game and chased butterflies till it started to get late and the sun started to go down and it began to get dark. Soon, there were no butterflies; they hid themselves in the trees and grass. Little Red Brown fox realized he was all alone and he could not even see his house. He had come really very far from home.

He remembered and missed his mother. First he started to sob and then began to cry loudly. WOOOO………….. WOOOO he went. All his playing and chasing had made him very thirsty and hungry. He cried even louder, WOOOO……WOOOO.

One crow heard the Small Red Brown fox. He flew down and tried to calm him, but the Small Red Brown fox cried even more loudly and would not listen He went WOOOO……WOOOO……..WOOOO. His eyes were full of tears and he could not even see.

The crow then flew towards his house and saw his mother looking for the Small Red Brown fox. She was very worried. The crow flew straight to her side and gave her the news of the lost Small Red Brown fox. Then as the Crow flew towards the lost baby, the mother Red Brown fox ran as fast as her old legs could carry her. Soon she could hear her Small Red Brown fox crying. She ran even faster.

She picked up her baby in her arms and began to kiss him. The Small Red Brown fox was so happy that he forgot to cry and soon cuddled in his mothers lap. Then he was quite and remembered that he did not listen to his mother and had come to grief. He softly said “Sorry Mother”. He was really sorry.

He then looked at the crow and once again his eyes welled up, this time because he was grateful to the crow. The crow flew away happily as he had helped a lost baby.

Mother Red Brown fox slowly began to walk back home and the Small Red Brown fox said to himself that he will always listen to his mother. He then raised his small lips and kissed his mother.

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